Business Segments

ABR provides Consulting Services, Program Management, and Technical Services for clients in energy and chemicals with a special focus on developing Renewable Energy projects and providing Process Technology solutions.

Power and Renewable Energy
Improving business performance and total lifecycle cost in new technology applications

Global economic expansion requires a new generation of clean, efficient power generation. ABR team has extensive experience in supporting our clients in developing their power and renewable energy projects with Project Development and Program Management oversight. From initial feasibility study and economical evaluation, through project financing and management of the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), ABR has a team of industry recognized experts providing support for our clients seeking commercialization of new and advanced renewable energy technologies for wind and solar farms.

Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Polymers
Development and commercialization of projects with innovative technology solutions

ABR team has provided a full range of integrated services to the global oil and gas production and downstream processing industries. ABR expertise includes process technology, consulting, and program management for design-build of new chemical processing facilities, refineries, and pipelines on behalf of our clients.

ABR is known for our capabilities in the development and commercialization of unique and complex refining, chemical and polymer processing facilities using innovative technology solutions.

ABR team also has a proven track record of managing fast-track, cost-driven projects for revamps and upgrades of existing facilities and for multi-billion-dollar grassroots programs covering an array of oil, gas and chemical projects from conception through engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), commissioning and startup of operations.

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